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Along the way of my photography career I've been in hundreds of marriages, engagement, casual sessions, trash the dress sessions, I've met multitudinous couples and families that come from each over the world to get married in Mexico, I believe that love comes in all colors and shapes and just like a Fresnel light

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Alan Fresnel: Capturing the Essence of Love and Emotion Through the Lens 

Meet Alan Fresnel, a destination wedding photographer with an unwavering passion for weaving narratives through the art of photography. 

From an early realization that his life’s journey would be one of creativity and artistic expression, Alan embarked on a path that led him to study Marketing in college while nurturing his guitar skills. It was during this time that he stumbled upon photography as a hobby, and the magnetic pull of holding a camera in his hands ignited an unbreakable bond. This bond soon transformed into a fervent passion that would shape his life’s work. 

With a career spanning numerous years, Alan has woven his artistry into countless wedding celebrations, engagement sessions, candid captures, and transformative “trash-the-dress” shoots. His lens has witnessed the union of couples from every corner of the globe, drawn to the enchanting beauty of Mexico for their special day. 

Alan’s belief is simple yet profound: love is a tapestry woven with myriad shades and shapes. Just as a Fresnel light artfully converges and directs light, Alan focuses his lens on the intricate tapestry of emotions, expressions, and fleeting moments. His images are more than photographs; they encapsulate an entire experience, allowing viewers to relive the essence of a moment in every frame. 

With every click, Alan Fresnel encapsulates the genuine connection between people, narrating stories of love, joy, and the human experience. His photographs stand as testaments to his dedication, his innate talent, and his commitment to turning life’s most cherished moments into timeless pieces of visual art. 

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