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I want to Cultivate Fun, Personally Developing, Safe, Freeing, and Open Experiences for all of the people/places/things I have the Honor of photographing and/or recording.

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I am Chelsey Kelly – Hi!

First off, I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to read about me and my mission for CK Photography & Videography.

I’ve been passionate about film, photography, and videography since I was a child. Growing up, I was mesmerized by the power photos, films, and videos had with people in the way they made them feel.

CK Photography & Videography was started in 2019 when I bought my Canon M50. Since then I’ve kept the same fire.

I’ve been working in the film industry as a Production Assistant & Background Actor since 2018 in multiple productions for companies such as BET Her, Netflix, Disney +, etc.

I graduated from Georgia State University with my B.A. in Film & Media in May 2020.

My ultimate Goals for my Photography and Videography are: when looking at my collection you see a group of Kindred Spirits, no matter how different they may seem. A group of people joined in the spirit of Loving ThemselvesBeing Proud of the image God made them in, and showing the world their Uniquely Beautiful Selves.

I want to Cultivate Fun, Personally Developing, Safe, Freeing, and Open Experiences for all of the people/places/things I have the honor of photographing and/or recording.

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