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Voted one of the best photographers in North Alabama, Housley Photography has a very modern style. Wedding photography is our passion, heart, & soul. We have an insatiable desire to create unique & passionate works of art through our photography. By using modern techniques during our wedding & portrait photography sessions, we are able to produce stunning work that inspires & motivates us to excel & surpass our own imaginations. By working with other creative professionals.

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Housley Photography is a photography boutique for the modern bride in North Alabama. We have traveled across the United States to photograph weddings & engagement sessions, been printed in various publications both nationally & locally, recognized in the wedding industry with awards, & had the honor of teaching other photographers how to improve their own brand.

We strongly believe in the power of photography to improve relationships. This goes so much further than just the initial emotional reaction when you see a photo. These photos represent the love that you have for your partner, the lifelong vows you will promise each other, & why you will love your soul mate until the end of time. We understand the significance of wedding photos & we carry these ideas through everything that we do from archival quality professional prints & artwork to hand-crafted, artisanal wedding albums with a lifetime guarantee.

We publish our own wedding guide & a separate bride & groom’s guide for couples getting married in Huntsville, AL & the surrounding areas. If you would like a copy of our guides you can request one here or set up a consultation with us. We would love to meet with you & your fiancee to discuss your wedding plans in person!

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