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Chillicothe, Circleville, and central Ohio Photographer. Jenn Skaggs specializes in Family photography, including newborns , children's, senior's, and family portraits.

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Hi, I’m Jenn Skaggs, Welcome to my page. I didn’t set out to be a photographer…it just kind of happened. I’ve always had an infatuation with Photographs but my real desire to start capturing life didn’t happen until I was 20. In 1997 My family experienced a devastating house fire that destroyed the majority of my childhood photographs. Very few survived, and the ones that did were damaged. Shortly after the fire, I purchased my first Canon Camera and I’m pretty sure I have taken a picture every day since then.

While I do have a Bachelor of Arts Degree I did not concentrate in photography. My passion for learning and photography have been my guides on this journey and will continue to guide my path. I really love what I do and I spend a lot of time refining, reflecting, and even obsessing over my work…It is a passion.

I consider myself a less is more kind of
Photographer, while I do like the occasional posed studio photograph I
prefer a more laidback and candid approach with natural lighting.

My goal is to capture the spirit of the individual in every picture I take. I love close-ups
and pay attention to details. I’ve always heard the eyes are the windows to the soul so I try to capture them in every session.

Photography is not just a career, it is my passion and my form of art. I love photographing the wonder of pregnancy, the innocence of newborns,
the enthusiasm of children, and the love of couples, whether they are just
starting out or celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Being a mother of four I know firsthand how quickly children grow up and change. How
we long to keep them little. How are heart aches for those fleeting moments?
I want to capture those milestones for your families to treasure forever.

I also know that family picture day can be very stressful so I strive to create a stress-free
a session filled with laughter and fun. I do whatever it takes to capture a true smile, not a
staged one because true smiles are what make for amazing family photographs.

I specialize in family photography, newborn photography, and everything in between.

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