Joe Jenkins

Joe Jenkins is an award-winning commercial photographer based out of New York for over 10 years. My overall goal as a photographer is to simply do a great job and passion for photography continues to grow with each year.

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Headshots and Corporate Event Photography for NYC

I’m a New York City headshot, portrait, and corporate event photographer. My name is Joe, and I’m pretty friendly. My overall goal as a photographer is to simply do a great job and provide a valuable product, whether it be a headshot, event, or conference.

Headshot Photography

As far as headshots go, I can understand that they can be anxiety-inducing, to say the least. From a budgetary perspective, headshots in NYC can be costly and, as a working actor with an income that’s sometimes less than stable, this cost can sometimes be felt a little more poignantly than someone whose paycheck comes in once a week and on the regular. I can also understand that choosing the right headshot photographer can feel like something that’s ten times harder than the actual process of taking the headshots themselves. There are a thousand different headshot photographers out there and they all have ten thousand different things to say and all you’re really left with after speaking with all of them is ahead dangerously close to exploding.

I really can’t speak on behalf of any of them, but I will say this about my own; they’re different. Not only are my headshots different but they’re as well different in a good way. I have my own style and flavor of shooting and lighting my subjects that most other photographers don’t have inherent to their work. This mostly stems from the fact that I don’t use the same lighting over and over and do treat everyone somewhat differently from shoot to shoot, and as well from the fact that the photographs you get as the result of our session look, at their core, like you. They are not over-stylized to the point where when you walk into casting the director looks down at your 8 x 10, looks up at you, and wonders in his or her head where exactly the person in the photograph he’s holding is at.

My headshots are unmistakable representations of you in your best form that don’t look like they’ve been run through an Instagram filter. Check them out here over at headshots nyc.

Event and Conference Photography

My event and conference photography, both corporate or otherwise, is from a technical perspective second to none. I operate with two camera bodies at all times, am not flash-reliant but understand when its use is necessary, and employ the best equipment currently available. Having the skill and a great eye is of paramount necessity, but having the tools necessary to enable them is as well just as important. I’m as well proficient in using both daylight and flash-based photography. Many photographers shoehorn themselves into either one or the other, but I enjoy both forms of usage and over the years have exceeded my peers in both.

This being said, I’ll be more than capable of handling your needs in any scenario and you’re more than welcome to check out my event photography nyc as proof. If your needs are corporate, head on over to corporate event photography nyc for further examples there.”

I’ve photographed events for Google, Youtube, Nike, Afropunk, Oxord University, Coindesk, and many, many more

His headshot work can be found here

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