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Thomas M Thurston is a fine art and landscape photographer based out of New Jersey, USA. His wild imagination and technical mastery allow him to capture beauty in every frame. He is known for long exposures, vivid colors, and rich details. Some of his artwork includes the titles "Mossy Fog," "Autumn Water," and "Weeping Dream" to name a few.

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Hi there! My name is Thomas Thurston and I am a fine art and landscape photographer based out of New Jersey, USA.

My mission as an artist is to share my interpretation of the world around us. Life is precious, and taking in the beauty of mother nature can be an uplifting experience.

It is my service to share my love of the outdoors with each and every one of you and in that process, I hope to brighten a gloomy day, help slow down a hectic lifestyle, or just put a smile on your face with each passing glance at my work.

A little background about me… well, I have always loved the outdoors, even as a kid. I remember those long and tireless days in the summer with no responsibilities. You know, when there wasn’t a care in the world and each day brought a new adventure.

I found paths in the woods around my local town that led to unknown discoveries like lush, green tree moss or rock-filled streams that seemed to flow on forever.  It wasn’t before long that I got lost in the moment and was late for dinner.  It’s those memories that keep me engaged and push me to keep exploring mother earth.

My vision is pure; I see beauty in anything and will try to bring out the best in everything I see or do.

My intention is to move you. Not move you in the physical sense, but to emotionally connect with you through my work.  Ultimately, I wish that my artistic creations will bring joy to you and those around you.

You can learn more about my approach, artistic technique, and goals as an artist by reading my artist statement.

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